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Milford, Connecticut

Subway’s recipe for balanced and nutritious food made from healthy ingredients became a recipe for a streamlined, healthier work environment for their Milford international headquarters as well as other Connecticut and global locations. With design standards developed by Amenta Emma Architects, the company now holds the formula for refined modern employee work spaces that maximize daylight and strategically locates brand colors throughout. Amenta Emma has started implementing the designs in over 40,000 square feet of the company headquarters in Milford as well as satellite locations in Miami, Johannesburg, South Africa, and Toronto, Canada.

Part of the design challenge was to decide how to use the dominant brand colors of saturated green and yellow, as well as implement accessory colors of tomato red, carrot orange, water blue, onion purple, spinach green and lettuce green. Designers chose to use pops of the green and yellow against a backdrop palette of white and grey. Furniture then played a large role when it came to introducing the accessory colors. Walnut accents in the furniture, wall panels & flooring were added to bring warmth to the space.


Most dramatic is the emphasis on natural light to create a modern and drastically different environment from what employees previously had encountered. In addition to expanses of window glazing, office lighting itself provides daylight values. A big change is the shift from solid office cubicle walls to those with a 34-inch solid base topped in glass which allow for views and natural light to penetrate the interior space through the perimeter windows. An employee vote established this preference. Additionally, employees now are given the choice for a healthier work style through the option of a sit/stand desk. Phone booths are utilized throughout the office, giving employees a place for a private calls or private meetings, but also forcing them to get up and move away from their desks.

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